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Recorded on Maui, earlier this year, "Soljahs of Jah" is a powerful roots anthem, uniting the people with love and strength to overcome the adversities we face in life.

The Lambsbread

Get to know the Lambsbread family &  watch the recent interview with World A Reggae.

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"Reaffirming their solid stance on the forefront of the roots and culture movement. The Lambsbreads' socially-conscious messages and passionate pleas for wrongs to be made right and justice for the poor & oppressed are trademarked in their songs. Troding on their righteous journey of delivering a conscious message, Hawaiian based reggae band The Lambsbread have teamed up with their musical brethren Messenjah Selah and JC Subliminal on their latest release "Soljahs of Jah". The inherent culture of reggae music inspires and gives artists an opportunity to express oneself fully, regardless of the issues highlighted, with heavy roots reggae and a dub feel to the mix, thumping bass and a driving beat, "Soljahs of Jah" message is intended to offer strength and courage to the people working to make a positive change. 

love ~ unity


"The Lambsbread is one of the acts that make music along the philosophic principles of the “love and unity” vibes, and it all comes around together, through the sound and the lyrics."- reggaefrance.com