"The Lambsbread, have been a firmament for over a decade...Their fourth full length release "Bring Them Together"...brings a true message for all to hear. The delivery is ambient with a fyah that will warm your soul...This is their most powerful set to date...A masterful release that's a must for your collection and won't gather dust. Highly recommended!!"  

~ Bob "Higherman" Heilman - Reggae Vibes Productions - Netherlands

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From the album "Bring Them Together"

The first thing that stood out to me, musically, about "Bring Them Together" was just how varied the album is. It is most certainly a modern Roots Reggae album, but it is a surprisingly very colourful one and throughout these fourteen tracks, you're going to hear a very healthy variety of different textures and sounds.”   ~ Achis’ Reggae Blog

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"stand firm"


The Lambsbread

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"All the songs fit perfectly in unison, creating a great vibe throughout. Anyone that purchases this album, I advise that they play it loud, the louder the better, as to get the full effect of the driving baselines that adorn it. Every aspect that I look for in a positive Reggae album is covered with The Lambsbread's "Bring Them Together"   ~ DJ Gav Pauze - pauzeradio.com - UK

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"Love in the House" was the first Lambsbread release on 7 inch out of One Love HP, Kingston, Jamaica. (Zion High Productions)

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After linking up with Zion High producers Elliot Lieb & David "Jah D" Goldfine in San Diego, The Lambsbread recorded the majority of the tunes for their 1st album SING PRAISE during studio session with Jah D. During that late night session they recorded the hit single "Love In The House" on the Liberation Riddim, the single was released on 45 in Jamaica along with tunes from Capleton, Yami Bolo, Turbulence, Lutan Fyah, and Jahdan Blackkamore. This was the first time an artist from Hawaii was ever released on Jamaican vinyl. The tune was a hit and ended up on radio shows, and sound systems around the world, giving The Lambsbread their first international exposure. At home in Hawaii the tune busted on local radio stations, and The Lambsbread filmed a video for the song on their home island of Kauai. The video went viral and received over 500,000 views sending The Lambsbread on several tours across Hawaii and the West Coast.

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